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WE ARE a group of creatives...
PHOTOGRAPHERS, videographers, sound capturers, light chasers, planners, and STORYTELLERS; DREAMERS AND ADVENTURERS. BASED IN the heartland of america AND AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL WORLDWIDE. 
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Risk takers

Collectively we have been capturing moments for over 26 years. We absolutely love people who are different because we were all created uniquely different. We desire to capture moments unfolding that are true to you - we don't pose our stories, we give you actions and set a scene for you to show and tell your story and then we capture it. Because of this, our relationship and connection with those we choose to capture is uniquely important. We want to hear about you, how you met, how you connected with each other and what makes you feel alive. That is what we long to capture - those moments which make us feel alive. So whether we are telling a story of your unity on your wedding day, your engagement, or a thrilling adventure of adoption, family ventures or memories with your closest friends cliff diving in crystal blue seas... we are here to capture those memories forever.

we are cypress collective

rule breakers. risk takers. dream chasers...

rule breakers. risk takers. dream chasers...

rule breakers. risk takers. dream chasers...

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our philosophy 

bringing your photos to life

When every moment is strategically thought through - from the gown, to the makeup, from the hair to the shoes... all the anticipation will hang in the balance on every single second. We believe in capturing your story as it unfolds, not just for you to relive but for your legacy, your children's children to see. 

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Prices start 3395 for 5 hr coverage
Two Videographers
Additional 400 per hour
30 seconds of highlight reel per hour


4995 collective (photo + video)
Five hours of coverage
500 per additional hr  

Average Bridal Investment: 6-10k

the collective

Prices start 2795 for 5 hr coverage
Two Photographers
Additional 400 per hour
100 (hi-res) digital images per hour



the collections




working with us

Ever feel like you don't fit into the cool kids club? Yeah, we hate that feeling. So much that we love sharing all we know... Over half of our years we poured into others who were starting out just as we were once. We have now successfully carried an internship, we're all instructors at media schools and now social media and online course instructors. We just want to help others grow into their potential. You never know what they could become and that excites us!

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giving back

We are all instructors at Morningside School of Media, a broadcast media school. We teach photography, videography, lighting, editing, technical skills and classroom setting as well as hands on training. These are students we live with day in and day out for two years. 

Media School instructors

future happenings

Maximize your potential as an artist with the help and guidance from some of the greatest names in the business. We start at Instruction For Every Level to accelerate your growth with online subscription classes designed to activate and strengthen your abilities. Whether your booked solid and feeling burned out or you are just starting out, we will coach you every step of the way.

collectively coaching

online love

Some Of The Classes Include: 
          Uniquely Different
          Blogging and SEO
          A purpose bigger than yourself
          Camera Basics, Composition & Anticipation 
          Comparisons Disease and much more...

online classes

online love

“If you’re looking for a coaching or teaching platform that will help you grow in your skill and understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a unique individual, then look no further!”  -Samatha Coleman 


New content is added every single month to keep you growing and learning as fast as the media world changes. We know even the classes might have you left with questions so we created a safe place where you can ask anything to gain help from each other in the community, so we can all grow together. 



An over 10k investment
Annual fee ($75 a month)
Unlimited 24/7 access to hundreds of online lessons
Learn whatever you want, wherever you want, on any device
Exclusive monthly live Q&A video call with Cypress Collective
Private interactive FB group with our Cypress Collective team

so lets get started now!



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we can't wait to hear from  you. 

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in an effort to authentically Connect to each other and our clients, we are intentional with our time during our travels.

incase we're in the midst of capturing an adventure please be patient with us, we will respond as soon as possible.

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